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Creditor information system (CIS)

Use the following link to get to the creditor information system:

Creditor information system (CIS)

This portal is an internet-based platform for registering your claims. It also provides up-do-date information on your claim registration’s current stage of processing and on how insolvency proceedings progress.

Registering your claim in easy steps

An assistant guides you through claim registration step by step. The letter asking you to register your claim also contained your personal identification number (PIN). When registering your claim through this portal, you can also correct or supplement any of your details. You will be given detailed instructions on how to make your entries. Please memorize or note down your PIN as you are required to give this number in order to get access to any information on the proceedings and the assessment of your claim. This tool enables you to consecutively register more than one claim as well as any interest or costs incurred. Special issues such as any claim for preferential payment, claims arising from intentional unlawful conduct or from building work have been taken into account and will be comprehensibly explained. Registrations of claims will only be accepted if you complete all compulsory entry fields. Giving your banking details will, for instance, be compulsory. After you have entered all data you get a printable version of your completed claim registration form together with the request to send it to my office. As soon as we receive your written claim registration form, the data will be made accessible to you. You can use the “Table” button to view the data.

General information

This portal provides you with general information on the insolvency proceedings such as relevant dates and deadlines. Additional boxes inform you about the foreseeable length of the proceedings and the dividend. After registration and our verification thereof you can view your registered claims at any time. After the competent insolvency court has examined the claims you find the result of their examination on the website’s protected area.

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